Summary of Clinical Tests and Signs in Orthopedics

Adson’s test: for thoracic outlet syndrome

Allen’s test: for testing patency of radial and ulnar arteries

Alli’s test: for DDH

Anvil test: for testing tenderness of the spine

Ape thumb: for median nerve injury

Apley’s grinding test: for meniscus injury

Apprehension test: for recurrent dislocation of the shoulder

Barlow’s test: for DDH

Blue sclera: Osteogenesis imperfecta

Appendicular-skeletonBryant’s test: for anterior dislocation of the shoulder

Callways’ test: for anterior dislocation of the shoulder

Chovstek’s sign: for tetany

Claw hand: for ulnar nerve injury

Coin test: for dorso lumbar tuberculosis of spine

Cozen’s test: for tennis elbow

Drawer test: for ACL and PCL injuries

  1. Anterior : for ACL injury
  2. Posterior : for PCL injury

Finkelstein’s test: for de Quervain’s tenosynovitis

Foot drop: for common peroneal nerve injury

Froment’s sign: for ulnar nerve injury

Gaenslen’s test: for SI joint involvement

Galleazzi sign: for DDH

Gower’s sign: for musular dystrophy

Hamilton ruler test: for anterior dislocation of the shoulder

Lasegue’s test: for disc prolapse

Lachmann test: for ACL injury

Ludloffs sign: for avulsion of lesser trochanter

McMurray’s test: for meniscus injury

Nagffziger test: for disc prolapse

Ober’s test: for tight ilio- tibial band (e.g., in polio)

0’ Donoghue triad: traid of MCL, ACL and medial meniscus injuries occurring together

Ortolani’s test: for DDH

Pivot shift test: for ACL injury

Policeman tip: for Erb’s palsy

Runner’s knee: Patellar tendonitis

Sulcus sign: for inferior instability of the shoulder

Thomas’ test: for hip flexion deformity

Trendelenburg’s test: for unstable hip

Tinel’s sign: for detecting improving nerve injury

Volkmann’s sign: for ischaemic contracture of forearm muscles

Wrist drop: for radial nerve injury

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