Oncogenic Translocations to remember

Philadelphia chromosome : t(9;22) bcr-abl fusion
  1. t(8;14): Burkitt’s lymphoma
  2. t(14;18): Follicular lymphoma
  3. t(11;14): Mantle cell lymphoma
  4. t(11,18): Marginal zone lymphoma (MALT lymphoma)
  5. t(9;22): CML (Philadelphia chromosome), Bad prognosis ALL
  6. t(8;21): AML M2
  7. t(15;17): AML M3 (Promyelocytic AML)
  8. t(X;18): Synovial cell sarcoma
  9. t(11;22): Ewing’s sarcoma
  10. t(12;21): Pre-B ALL (good prognosis ALL)
  11. t(4;11) and t(1;19): Bad prognosis ALL

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  1. Here’s a mnemonic for the B cell non-hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL).

    c-myc (8); cyclin-D (11); heavy-chain Ig (14); BCL-2 (18)

    1. 14 is common in many transolactions
    2. write small chromosomes 1st then larger

    a. Burkitt’s lymphoma (B looks like 8): t(8;14)
    b. Follicular lymphoma (14 letters in word; F for forteen and follicular): t(14;18)
    c. Mantle cell lymphoma (M looks like 11): t(11;14)
    d. Marginal zone lymphoma (outer margins of mantle cell and follicular lymphoma): t(11;18)

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