Ketamine : Mnemonic

K: Kids (Induction agent of choice in children)

E: Emergence reaction (floating sensations, vivid dreams and hallucination; reduced using benzodiazepines), Enantiomers (S-Ketamine and R-Ketamine)

T: Thalamo-cortical dissociation with limbic system causing dissociative anesthesia

A: Analgesic, Amnesic, Antidepressant, All routes (IV, IM, PO, Intranasal, Epidural, Intrathecal)

M: Meals – can be given after meals, Muscarinic receptor antagonist (increased secretions, bronchodilation), Metabolism (primary) – hepatic

I: Increases all pressures (BP, ICP, IOP)

N: NMDA (N-Methyl-D-Aspartate) Glutamate receptor blocker, Norketamine (Major metabolite), Nausea/vomiting (due to increased concentration of DA/5HT in synaptic junctions)

E: Excretion (primary) – renal

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