Hawkin’s Classification for Talus Fractures : Mnemonic

hawkins classification talus
Drummond Filho ML, Verzani MA, Rosa AF, Pimenta CJ, Grynwald J, Cliquet Junior A. Fraturas do colo do talus: avaliaĆ§Ć£o da reprodutibilidade da classificaĆ§Ć£o de Hawkins. Acta OrtopĆ©dica Brasileira. 2012;20:170-3.

Mnemonic: NISA 10-50-90-100

Type INon-displaced Neck fracture (upto 10% risk of AVN)

  • 1 blood vessel damaged (entering talar neck)
  • Management: 8 weeks in cast and 4 weeks in CAM cast

Type II – Type I + Inferior (subtalar) subluxation/dislocation (upto 50% risk of AVN)

  • 2 blood vessels damaged
  • Management: Immediate closed reduction and management as type I

Type III – Type II + Superior (tibiotalar) subluxation/dislocation (90% risk of AVN)

  • 3 (all sources) blood vessels damaged
  • Management: ORIF using combined anterolateral and anteromedial approach

Type IV – Type III + Anterior (talonavicular) subluxation/dislocation (100% risk of AVN)

  • AVN not related to blood supply damage
  • Management: As type III

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