How to get rid of pubic hair when you are pregnant?

When pregnant, you deal with numerous changes that come across as overwhelming, making pubic hair the least bit of your concern. However, you need to know that getting rid of pubic hair while you’re pregnant provides tremendous benefits.

In this article, we’ll demonstrate various ways in which you can get rid of pubic hair when you’re pregnant. Without further delay, let’s dive in.

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Why is Pubic Hair Removed Before Childbirth

Getting rid of pubic hair before childbirth is essential. If you undergo cesarean delivery, it will make the whole process easier and reduce the risk of contracting an infection.

During pregnancy, the body produces hormones that make hair grow faster than regular times. At this time, the hair on the pubic becomes thicker and bushier, causing more sweating. The sweating can cause an infection.

Sometimes, when giving birth, you may have to go through episiotomy. The cut needs a clean, dry environment to heal on time. When you cut the pubic hair, it’s easy to clean, and the area will remain dry, and it will help in the healing process.

After giving birth, a lot of bleeding happens. When you have pubic hair, the blood will stick on the hair, and cleaning it will be hard.

Ways of removing pubic hair

There are different ways you can remove the hair. But you have to consider a few factors before you decide which one is the best for you. Go through the methods below and choose the one that works for you.

1.     Waxing

Visit a spa or buy the wax and let your partner help you with it. You apply the wax on the pubic hair and rip it off together with the hair. The most beneficial aspect of waxing is hair will take time before growing. Also, there is no risk of cutting yourself.

On the flip side, there is a lot of blood flow on the lower part of the body. Also, while preparing to give birth, the area around the cervix becomes tender. This makes the whole process extra painful for pregnant women, unlike the other time.

If the waxing isn’t done appropriately, it can leave open pores that are prone to infection. If it’s the first time you are using this method, consult your gynecologist, don’t wax your pubic hair on your own as it can cause an allergic reaction. Check the Ethos Spa, Skin & Laser Center as they will help you through your first waxing.

2.     Cream

This method is quite simple and painless. All you need to do is apply the cream on the pubic area, and after some time, wash off the cream, and the hair comes out. Also, hair removal creams are affordable. Moreover, it’s an easy and fast method. You can do it yourself.

On the disadvantaged part, the skin absorbs the cream and can cause harm to the baby. The information is not proven. Other people have used it before. Some studies have said it’s not the chemicals that will affect the baby but the smell of the chemical. If you develop an allergic reaction after using hair removal creams, it’s best to contact your dermatologist and gynecologist.

3.     Shaving

Shaving is a safe way of removing pubic hair. All you need to do is to use a lot of shaving cream. Also, don’t do it while standing as you can lose your balance. Do it on the bathtub and have a mirror near you to check how you are progressing. If you’re comfortable, you can ask your partner to do it for you.

An electric shaver will make work easy for you and can be used throughout the pregnancy. Make sure to clean and disinfect the blades before shaving to avoid any infection.

Shaving is safe and can be done at any time, even a few hours to delivery. The downside of shaving is, if you’re not careful, you might cut yourself. You can avoid this by being attentive and using the right amount of shaving cream.

Shave downward following the direction of hair growth to avoid ingrowth. When the hair starts to grow again, the area might get itchy, but only for a few days.

4.     Trimming

Another effective way to get rid of pubic hair is by trimming. Use clean and, if possible new scissors. Trimming is very safe, and there is no possibility of an injury happening as you don’t eradicate the hair.

Trimming will leave the pubic hair short and neat. Be careful when trimming to avoid deep cuts. Use a mirror to see the areas you are trimming. Also, don’t do it when standing as you can lose your balance. Some people say trimming makes the hair thicker, but as it is the safest method, you can do it as often as you like.


You don’t have to feel bad about the changes you go through during your pregnancy. Moreover, you also don’t need to feel embarrassed about having pubic hair, it’s completely natural and okay, but to prepare for childbirth, it’s vital to get rid of the hair.

Author: Dennis Hamming

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  1. This is UTTER CRAP!!!!

    It is NOT vital to get rid of pubic hair prior to birthing your baby. Pubic hair is perfectly natural. It does not make vaginas “hard to clean”. To the author of this garbage, how dare you put this false information online and shame pregnant women for their natural bodies.

  2. I think the author does not mean any harm. The author said it’s perfectly normal to have pubic hair but ordinarily, it is important to shave whether you’re pregnant or not, so as not to have bacteria growth there due to heat. I love the write-up coz I needed to know the best method for myself.

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