Antitubercular drug symbols H = Isoniazid R = Rifampicin Z = Pyrazinamide E = Ethambutol S = Streptomycin Km = Kanamycin Cm = Capreomycin Lfx = Levofloxacin Ofx = Ofloxacin Mfx = Moxifloxacin Eto = Ethionamide PAS = Para-aminosalicylic acid Cs = Cycloserine Amx/Clv =… Read More

Principles of Chemotherapy

Master the knowledge of clinically relevant cell cycle to understand the principles of chemotherapy. Tumors that are highly responsive to chemotherapeutic agents (e.g., testicular cancer, lymphomas) tend to have a very rapid doubling time compared to tumors that are less responsive to chemotherapy (e.g., pancreatic and prostate cancers). The… Read More