Milkmaid’s grip in Chorea

Milkmaid’s Grip Milk maids grip is appreciated as an alternating squeezing and releasing of the finger like a milking motion, when asked to maintain a constant, firm grip of examiner’s fingers. This may reflect a combination of Chorea and Motor impersistence. As a result of… Read More

Gower’s sign

Synonyms: Gower’s maneuver, Myopathic walking, Butt-first maneuver Identifying Gower’s sign To check for Gower’s sign, place the patient in the supine position and ask him to rise. A positive Gower’s sign – an inability to lift the trunk without using the hands and arms to… Read More

Kawasaki Disease – Diagnostic Criteria Mnemonic

The diagnostic criteria of Kawasaki Disease can be remembered using a mnemonic – “FEBRILE“. Fever: >5 days plus ≥4 of the following Enathem: Lips: Erythema, fissuring or crusting Oropharynx: Diffuse injection Tongue: Strawberry tongue Bulbar conjunctivitis: Bilateral, painless and non-exudative Rash: Polymorphous rash Internal organ involvement… Read More


Synonyms Tache noire Definition of Eschar An eschar is a local skin lesions coated by a thick coagulated crust or slough that usually results from burn or infection. Causes of Eschar Tick bite fever Scrub typhus Anthrax Tularaemia Spider bites Disseminated fungal infection Post-burn Diagnostic… Read More