Rosettes in Pathology

Rosette refers to a decoration or pattern resembling a rose. In pathology, rosette refers to aa¬†halo or “spoke-wheel” arrangement of cells around a central structure especially in neoplasms of neuroblastic or neuroectoderma origin. The central structure can be: a. Empty lumen: True ependymal rosette Well… Read More

Morphology of Granuloma

Concentric layers of Granuloma There are 4 concentric layers in a granuloma, however the clear distinction is difficult in reality due to overlapping. From inside to out: 1. Necrosis Caseating necrosis: Tuberculosis, Leprosy Coagulative necrosis: Buruli ulcer (M.ulcerans), Gumma containing central blood vessels (Syphilis) Fibrinoid… Read More