Chronic Lead Poisoning : Mnemonic

Mnemonic: ABCDEFGH Anemia: Results from ALA dehydrogenase inhibition Also causes RBC membranes to be permeable to K+ and decrease Na+/K+ ATPase leading to hemolysis Basophilic stippling Burtonian lines: Gum “lead lines” develop in 2-50% Results from subepithelial deposit of lead sulfide granules on gingival margins… Read More


Synonyms: Spoon-shaped nails, Concave nails Definition of koilonychia: Loss of longitudinal and lateral convexity of the nail, with thinning and fraying of the distal portions. Conditions associated with koilonychia: Normal variant Soft nails with occupational damage Iron deficiency anemia Hemochromatosis Raynaud’s syndrome Psoriasis (Koilonychia with subungual… Read More