Synonyms: Spoon-shaped nails, Concave nails Definition of koilonychia: Loss of longitudinal and lateral convexity of the nail, with thinning and fraying of the distal portions. Conditions associated with koilonychia: Normal variant Soft nails with occupational damage Iron deficiency anemia Hemochromatosis Raynaud’s syndrome Psoriasis (Koilonychia with subungual… Read More

Relative Bradycardia

Synonyms: Faget sign, Sphygmo-thermic dissociation, Sphygmo-thermal dissociation Definition of Relative Bradycardia Physiologically, for each 1 °F rise in body temperature, there is a commensurate increase in the heart rate of 10 beats/min . When temperature elevations are not accompanied by a physiologic increase in the… Read More