How to make tourniquet for fingers using latex gloves?

Method 1:

  1. Digital block
  2. Painting with antiseptic solution
  3. Application of sterile latex gloves (slightly larger than the patient’s hand) on the patient’s hand
  4. A tiny piece of glove fingertip is snipped off to create a 1- to 2-mm hole
  5. With very gentle pulling—by either the forceps or the surgeon’s fingers—the hole is dilated and passed around the nail so that the hole does further break
  6. The glove finger is rolled down all the way to the interdigital webs (exsanguinates and arrests circulation at the same time)
finger glove tourniquet

Method 2:

This is a similar method as described in Method 1. Here, the finger of glove is cut and applied to the finger on which surgery is to be performed. Similarly, a small hole is cut at the tip of the finger of glove and rolled to the base of the finger as in Method 1.

Reference: Wei, L.-G., Chen, C.-F., Hwang, C.-Y., Chang, C.-W., Chiu, W.-K., Li, C.-C., & Wang, H.-J. (2016). Safe Finger Tourniquet—Ideas. Annals of Plastic Surgery, 76, S130–S132. doi:10.1097/sap.0000000000000701 

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