Supports of Uterus : Mnemonic

Primary Supports

1. Mechanical Support

Mnemonic: 3 A

  • Axis of uterus
  • Anteversion angle (angle between cervix and vagina) – maintained by round ligament
  • Anteflexion angle (angle between cervix and uterus) – maintained by round ligament

2. Muscular/Active Support

Mnemonic: Muscle PULLs

  • Perineal body
  • Urogenital diaphragm (superficial and deep transverse pereneii muscles)
  • Levator ani (pelvic diaphragm)

3. Ligamentary Support

Mnemonic: Ligaments hold uterus like CUP

  • Cardinal ligament (Transverse cervical/Mackenrodt’s ligament)
  • Uterosacral ligament (most strong) – prevents retroversion
  • Pubocervical ligament

Cardinal ligament + Pubocervical ligament = Triradiate ligament

Secondary supports (Peritoneal folds)

Mnemonic: RUB

  • Rectouterine fold
  • Uterovesical fold
  • Broad ligament

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