Ophthalmology Mnemonics


  • P: Pregnancy
  • E: Edema: angioedema, cellulitis
  • R: Renal: nephrotic
  • I: Infectious mononucleosis: Hoagland’s sign
  • O: Obstruction: SVC
  • R: Rheumatic: Dermatomyositis, Cutaneous SLE
  • B: Bitten by insect triatomine bug: T cruzi, Chagas disease – Romana’ sign
  • I: Inside cavernous sign thrombosis
  • T: Thyroid [Enroth fullness], Trichinosis
  • A: Allergies,  Albumin low
  • L: Lack of sleep, crying (due to salt content of the tears)


  • C: Chloroquine, Chlorambucil, Busulfan, Phenothiazines, Steroids
  • A: Age related (arcus senilis), family related
  • T: Trauma
  • A: Atopic dermatitis, Ichthyosis
  • R: Radiation (glass blowers, infrared), Microwaves
  • A: Alcohol, smoking
  • C: Cushing’s, Cu2+ (Wilson’s), Congenital infections (CMV, Rubella)
  • T: Turner’s syndrome, Dystrophia myotonica
  • S: Sugar diabetes, Galactosemia

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