Lasers in Ophthalmology – Mnemonic

Order of decreasing wavelength

Mnemonic: CHyNa PuRE

The laser tissue interaction can be remembered in the reverse order using the mnemonic ACiDiTy.

  1. Carbon dioxide (CO2): 10600 (photoThermal)
  2. Holmium YAG: 2100 (photoDisruption)
  3. Nd:YAG: 1064 (photoDisruption)
  4. Pulsed dye laser: 585-600 (photoChemical)
  5. aRgon green: 514 (photoChemical)
  6. Excimer: 193 (photoAblation)

Indications of Laser


Mnemonic: R for aRgon and R for Retina

Used in retinal photocoagulation.

pulsed Dye laser

Mnemonic: D for Dye and D for Dermatology

  1. Used in port wine stain
  2. Used in strawberry birthmarks


Mnemonic: C for CO2 and C for Central/middle ear

  1. Stapedectomy
  2. Tympanomastoidectomy

Holmium YAG laser

Mnemonic: H for Holmium and H for Hollow tube

  1. Hollow ureter blocked: Lithotripsy
  2. Hollow urethra blocked: BPH or Urethral stricture


Mnemonic: Ex for ExCimer and Ex for External eye (Cornea)

  1. Corneoplasty using LASIK


Mnemonic: Its use is in eye other than Cornea (excimer is used) and Retina (argon is used).

  1. Posteiror capsulotomy
  2. Iridotomy
  3. Vitreolysis

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