Clavipectoral Fascia


  • Between subclavius and pectoralis minor
  • Deep to pectoralis major (which is enclosed anteriorly by pectoral fascia)


  • Acts to suspend the floor of axilla
  • Encloses 2 muscles – subclavius and pectoralis minor
clavipectoral fascia

Structures piercing the clavipectoral fascia:

Mnemonic: CLAP

  1. Cephalic vein
  2. Lymphatics (passing between infraclavicular and apical nodes of axilla)
  3. Acromiothoracic artery
  4. Pectoral nerve (lateral)

Surgical relevance:

  • Joint immobility after shoulder arthroplasty – one of the factor is replacement of true clavipectoral fascia by fibrotic tissue.

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