Decemeber Rose : A Short Movie by Medical Students

This movie was created in 2008 using simple camera and software. Back then short movies were not in trend like now. Inspired by the story “The House Call”, this movie artistically portrays an eternal friendship through time and illness.


Doctor’s monologue:

“Life is like a cigarette.
It starts with flames and ends in ashes.
Many seasons have passed by sitting back at this window, gazing at same sky and the aging tree.
The memories I had long forgotten are revived again.
Time is like a stream following constants.
Moments are like steps made on sands of seashore – the waves constantly eroding them.
But some moments are never easily erased.
They remain even after the grave till we are soul, till we are soil.”

Doctor: I have prescribed you some medications. Take these medicines and meet me again after 5 days.

Patient: Ok. Thank you Doctor.

*Next patient arrives.*

Doctor: Tell me what is your problem?

Patient: I’ve been having fever for 2 days. I get fever with rigors at night.

Doctor: Have you recently travelled to Terai region?

Patient: I worked in Siraha. I just came to Kathmandu today.

Doctor: I have ordered some investigations. Get these done. For now I have prescribed some medicines. This will control your fever. Followup with reports.

Patient: Thank you.

*Patient leaves.*

Attendant: Doctor! It’s getting late. Aren’t you going home?

Doctor: Any patients waiting outside?

Attendant: There are no more patients waiting.

Doctor: Then, you guys leave. I’ll shut the clinic myself and go home.

*Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock!*

Doctor: Who’s there?

*Opens the door*

Doctor: Oh! Ashish. Suddenly after so many years that too this late! Any problem?

Ashish: I’ll tell you everything later. Let’s go quickly.

*Scene where the two of them are with a bedridden patient (Manish).*

Ashish: It’s been about a week, he has been bedridden with fever. Now you have to save him.

Doctor: I’ll try my best. You must be tired. Please go and get some rest in that chair.

Manish: I have been thinking about you. I had a feeling that you’d come. At last you have come. I’m happy to see you as a doctor now. Don’t know what kind of illness has crippled me. I don’t think I’ll survive this.

Doctor: Don’t worry! Manish.

Manish: Ashish is also no more with us in this world.

Doctor: What????

*Manish succumbs to his illness.*

Doctor: Manish! Manish!

Doctor’s monologue:

“It’s hard for me to believe that it was all yesterday.
The moments spent with my friends Ashish and Manish are still fresh in my memories.
Times spent enjoying and playing together still appear before my eyes.

*Knock! Knock! Knock!*

Doctor: Who’s there?

*Door opens.*

Doctor: Oh! Ashish, Manish.

*The three friends walk together through the corridor. The body of doctor lies in the chair he was sitting and writing.*

December rose

Doctor’s monolgue:

“If I see, it is through their eyes.
If I laugh, it is their laughter.
If I hold, it is their hands.
I see blue skies where there is depth of eternal friendship; Till the last breath remains in my fist and I release it as clouds into the skies.”

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