A Case of Gastroschisis : Media’s Irresponsibility

1st Published in Pedchrome in October 19, 2012

National Newspapers of Nepal like Kantipur Daily and Nayapatrika had published some news regarding the Case of Om Hospital where the papers irresponsibly declared that the doctor’s negligence had led to the death of a new-born.

According to the Om Hospital Authority, the child was a case of Gastroschisis, a congenital condition in which there is defect in abdominal wall and intestine are protruded outside the abdomen. But the parents of the child claim that it was a medical negligence that led to injury of child’s abdomen during Cesarean section (CS).

A well-reputed doctor was defamed without any evidence by Media that proves Nepal media are not trust-worthy and needs to be responsible. This arrogance and misuse of power of press should be stopped. It’s not just right to Information, it’s right to true information. This may seem democracy for Press, but they should remember that “One’s right should not harm others right”.

Gastroschisis vs Omphalocele
Osmosis, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There is almost null possibility of Abdominal injury during Cesarean section because:

  1. During CS, there are 2 important people for the doctor: it’s not just the mother but also the child. One who operates is well careful of the baby inside and will under no condition gives an incision so deep to cut the abdomen of Baby inside the uterus. The Claim itself is absurd.
  2. Even if the rare event of cutting occurs, the baby lies in flexed posture in the womb, so there should have been injury to other parts like head and legs. The incision is in the midline that shows that surgery to replace the intestine inside the abdomen was done. This doesn’t seem a case of accidental injury.
  3. From the studies, it is likely that radiologist can miss a case of Gastroschisis. Not all are visible radiologically.

Om Hospital and research center for long had been well reputed and trusted Healthcare institute in Nepal. People should not only take the expense of such institutes pessimistically as they minimize the need for people to go abroad for standard service. It will be extremely expensive if people will have to go to India, Thailand and other countries for health service.

Moreover, the sole purpose of this article is not to support the Medical Doctors, but to let people realize the truth. All what media publish are not true.

Doctors work life-long for reputation, work hard ours without caring for self-comfort, family and without rest. It would be unethical from your part to put unnecessary pressure on them. It will only result in downfall of quality of health service in Nepal.

What if Critical Patients get referred from hospital to hospital just in fear of compensation or threat of doctor’s safety?

What if surgeons deny operating on complicated cases in fear of similar incident?

What if you have to go to India or Bangkok for complicated Cesarean section?

What if good doctors lose interest in their field and retire soon or invest time on something else?

Even Doctors are Humans.

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