5 Signs You Might Need Hearing Aids

Some hearing loss is a normal part of aging for most people. However, entering your golden years isn’t the only reason why people seek the help of hearing aids. Some people’s hearing has been affected in their profession, while others may have hearing loss due to specific illnesses. If you suspect that you may need help with your hearing, it’s best to see your audiologist soon.

To achieve the highest quality of life, it’s best to address health issues before they become critical. If you believe that you may be experiencing some hearing loss, don’t wait to go and see your doctor. To get the help you need quickly, visit clinics like  HearCanada to know when you need hearing aids. 

Most hearing loss happens so gradually that it is hard for many people to recognize. It’s good to know what to look for if you struggle with hearing. Let’s take a closer look at a few signs that you need hearing aids.

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When it’s getting hard to hear, crowds and loud events can be difficult. It can be mentally and physically exhausting to strain to hear the conversation when your hearing is starting to fail. As such, many people with mild to moderate hearing loss may notice that they are starting to avoid crowded or loud environments. This includes family get-togethers, parties, and any other gatherings. Family members may bring up the subject of your absence from traditional events. If you noticed that you would rather stay home than strain to hear others in public, it’s likely time to have your hearing checked. 

Volume Issued

If the other people in your home or your neighbors are complaining about the loud volume on your TV or radio, it might indicate that you have hearing loss. As our hearing slowly fades, we adjust by turning up the volume just one notch at a time. Before you know it, you are at max volume and are still having trouble hearing speech clearly. 

Needed Repetition

If you are starting to have trouble hearing speech in person or on television, it can be one of the first signs of hearing loss. You should check your hearing if you struggle to decipher a conversation and speech sounds slightly jumbled. 

A common sign that your hearing is declining is asking people to repeat themselves. If you are asking for repetition during several conversations a day, you are likely dealing with a low level of hearing loss. 

Missed Calls or Alarms

At some point, when you experience hearing loss, you will have trouble hearing common sounds like an alarm or a message notification on your smartphone. You won’t likely notice it until you start missing these sounds regularly or have already needed to adjust your volume more than once to make your rings louder. 


Dealing with hearing loss can be frustrating. Due to the slow pace of a natural decline, the signs can come on without being discovered for quite a while. That means you have to live with being late because you slept through your alarm or getting a noise complaint call from your landlord. In a word–frustrating.

If you notice your own behavior in any or all of these common signs of hearing loss, make an appointment to see your audiologist soon.

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