10 Doctor’s Problems Not Understood by Society

1. Hectic Schedule: Lack of time for Socials

Most fields in medicine are hectic as they are dealing with patient’s life or are on the cover of duties. So naturally, time for social activities is compromised. This will gradually affect the social standings and relationships unless you are a great diplomat. People rarely accept the lack of time and assume it as not being given a priority, be it at home or at parties. So, what are they doing throughout the week? Long shifts in night duties, OPD, elective and emergency surgeries, rounds, admissions, discharges, documentations, consultations, etc.

“Doctors are busy taking care of patients. Unless patients wake up and care for the providers of care, we are headed for the sickest system in the world.”Dr. Afshine Emrani

2. Doctors are not God

With their tongues, people agree they aren’t gods, but their expectations don’t tell us the same. Society doesn’t understand that everything is not in their hands, and they cannot know everything every time. Sometimes their unfulfilled expectations are turned into rage. However, there’s a similarity between two as quoted below.

“God and the doctor, we alike adore but only when in danger, not before; The danger o’er, both are alike requited, God is forgotten, and the doctor is slighted.”Robert Owen

3. All Doctors don’t earn millions a month

Well, like in every field only the few successful, clever and the best ones make it, but not all get the opportunity and space to make millions. However, still it is one of the best-paid occupations.

A typical doctor doesn’t earn a full-time salary until 10 years after the typical college graduate starts making money. That lost decade of work costs a cool half-million dollars.” – CBS News (2013)

4. Doctors Get Ill too

Once there was a consensus among people that doctors don’t get ill. I am sure the thinking process has changed a lot by now.

“Doctors are notoriously bad at seeking help for themselves when ill. Admission and acceptance of illness in themselves is an alien concept to many doctors, so that presenting late with a serious condition is common.” – The Lancet (2016)

5. All Doctors Don’t Have Bad Handwriting

In fact, many doctors write beautifully. Doctors have to write more than most of the jobs you know. With the tired hands and limited time, they see numerous patients and try to document everything possible.

The handwriting of doctors was no less legible than that of non-doctors.” – D M Berwick (BMJ, 1996)

doctors handwriting

6. All Doctors don’t look after all symptoms

Modern society is changing on it, but the convention is still prevalent. I have heard a patient saying that “This doctor knows only about Bone and Joint problems; what sort of a doctor is he?” It’s usually not that the doctor cannot but is looking only at the specific problems he/she is designated to.

Medical careers begin undifferentiated, and postgraduate training ends with most doctors specialized in a specific area of practice. Specialty is the transition from the relatively undifferentiated, “stem doctor”, potentially capable of entering any specialty, to the final, fully differentiated specialist who is almost entirely restricted to one specialized area of medical work.” – Saleh S. Al-Ansari (J Family Community Med, 2016)

7. Anesthetists don’t only make patients asleep

But the fact is, they make modern medicine possible. There are many things to do to maintain a life while the patient is at sleep painlessly. They are even involved in the most complicated procedures and critical care as well.

People congratulates a stage performer! But do you know a hero of behind the stage?” – Nehal Nikunj Vachhani (on World Anesthesia Day)

8. It takes time to diagnose problems

Even modern medicine cannot diagnose all the problems, or while approaching a disease, it may take some time before reaching to an accurate diagnosis.

Diagnosis is not the end, but the beginning of practice.” – Martin Fischer

9. Doctors don’t loot

All over the world, the medical and health care industry is the most expensive because it is the field requiring the most investment in education, most skilled manpower, and requiring the most sacrifice.

“If spending money on your health is exorbitant, well then let’s talk about alcoholism, dowry or marriages.” – Dr. Manorama Gadde (The Hindu, 2011)

10. Even Doctors smoke and consume alcohol

Though doctors advise not to smoke or drink, they do fall into these habits often to curb the stress of studies, work, and life, despite knowing every pathology it causes.

More than one third of the medical students and health care professionals showed problematic alcohol-drinking behavior. Although the proportion of non-smokers in the investigated sample was higher than in the general population, when compared to the general population, medical students between 18-24 reported higher consumption of illegal substances.” – Karen Voigt (BMC, 2009)

A doctor is neither a saint, nor a god but a mere human being like you. Respect your doctor and know his limitations, and obligations. Next time you visit a doctor, share a smile of warmth and I am sure you’ll get the best courtesy in return.

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