Severe Malaria : Quick revision

Criteria for Severe and Complicated Malaria Positive peripheral blood smear for P.falciparum + ≥1 of the CHAPLINS (Mnemonic) Convulsions: >2 in 24 hour Cerebral edema (Consciousness impaired) Hypoglycemia (glucose <40 mg/dl) Hemorrhage (DIC) Hemoglobinuria (Black water fever) Anemia (hemoglobin <5 gm/dl or PCV <15% in… Read More

Rib Notching

Normal Rib Notching A small notch near the costo-vertebral joint is normal, so pathologic rib notching is more likely if the notching is more lateral. Types of Pathological Rib Notching 1. Superior rib notching 2. Inferior rib notching (more common) Inferior Rib Notching (Roesler’s sign)… Read More

Hemolytic Anemia – Quick review

Although, we classify as intravascular and extravascular hemolysis, “diseases” don’t read the book. These disorders may be described as causing extravascular hemolysis, but your case may be the uncommon exception with intravascular hemolysis that was not mentioned. Diseases may cause anemia by both intravascular and… Read More