Acute Red Eye : Simplified Approach

Red eye reflects hyperemia or engorgement of superficial visible conjunctival, episcleral or ciliary vessels. A) DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSES FOR ACUTE RED EYE 1. Painless red eye: a) Diffuse redness: Lids normal: Conjunctivitis Lids abnormal: Blepharitis Ectropion Trichiasis Eyelid lesion b) Localized redness: Pterygium Corneal foreign body… Read More

Pterygium Excision

Indications for surgery: 1. Reduced vision secondary to: Threatens visual axis: Pterygium advancing toward or already impinging visual axis Induced astigmatism: Due to flattening of meridian of pterygium by fibrosis in atrophic stage 2. Cosmesis 3. Significant discomfort not relieved by medical therapy 4. Diplopia:… Read More