Maddrey Score (Discriminant Function) and Lillie Model : Alcohoic Hepatitis

The severity of alcoholic hepatitis can be assessed using a number of simple quantitative indices (Maddrey score, Meld score, Combined clinical and laboratory index). Of these, the Maddrey Discriminant Function (MDF) is the simplest.

maddrey discriminant function

Maddrey score = 4.6 X (prolongation of prothrombin time above control in seconds) + Total bilirubin in mg/dl

To calculate Maddrey discriminant function using SI units – micromol/l (i.e. not US) divide bilirubin value by 17.


Maddrey score >32 characterizes severe alcoholic hepatitis associated with a short-term mortality (within 30 days) of 30-50%, and has been used to determine the need for corticosteroid therapy.

Example: Patient prothrombin time 16 s, bilirubin 150 micromole/L, lab control prothrombin time 12 s

Maddrey score = 4.6 (16-12) + 150/7 = 26 (Maddrey score <32 is associated with a low likelihood of mortality during the current admission)

Lillie model

In patients with severe alcoholic hepatitis who have been treated with glucocorticoids, a prognostic scoring system (the Lillie model) has been proposed for predicting mortality. The model combines 6 variables:

  1. Age
  2. Renal insufficiency (Creatinine >1.3 pr creatinine clearance <40)
  3. Albumin
  4. PT
  5. Bilirubin
  6. Evolution of bilirubin at Day 7

The authors concluded that the term “nonresponder” can now be extended to patients with a Lille score above 0.45, which corresponds to 40% of cases.


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