Top Protein rich Foods

The daily nutrients requirement of body includes vitamins and minerals, carbs, protein, calcium, and others. Amongst them all, protein is one vital nutrient you should add to your diet because protein is the bunkers of amino acids. It keeps you active and fit throughout the day and keeps you regain the lost muscle power. Here is the list of top protein rich food you should add in your diet.


Fish has the highest amount of protein content in it. It has 26g of protein in every 100g. It also contains less amount of saturated fat. The nutrients present in fish are very good for health. Add fish in your diet and see the magic happen inside out.

fish diet


Eggs are a good source of protein. Be it boiled, scrambled or half fry, eggs are pretty much effective in providing necessary nutrients. Every 100g has 13g of protein packed in it. Pack some eggs in your tiffin box and eat it in breakfast or lunch or brunch, it is good any day.

eggs diet


Are you nuts about nuts? Nuts are a very rich source of protein. It is rightly said, wonders packed in a small packet. Every 100g has 13g of protein in it. Almonds, cashew, and peanuts are very rich in protein. Brazil nuts have the highest amount of protein invoked into it. So, fill your pocket with some nuts.

Dairy Products

Dairy products are some natural sources of protein. There are numerous dairy products and some of them are milk, curd, cheese, and butter. Add any of these in your daily diet and witness the difference. A glass of milk in the morning, a toast with butter, a cheese sandwich, or a bowl of curd, fancy anything you like in any manner. Protein is all yours.


Chicken is also a very good source of protein and admit it, everyone loves chicken no matter what form it has been cooked to. Boiled, fried, or baked, chicken is going to provide you some protein. There is 26g of protein in every 100g.


Vegetarians rejoice! There is something for you in Santa’s sack too. Beans are a great option when it comes to protein. Every 100g contains 17g of protein filled in it. Beans comes in variety of forms like black beans, white beans, mung beans, lima beans, and more. Also, they are very low in fat.

beans diet


Small in size but high on nutrition, Dates are among the natural source of protein. They also contain vitamin A, B, and C, fibre and iron too. Every single date has 0.22g of protein and 100g contains 2.50g of protein. Fill your bottom pockets with some dates to remain charged on the go.


Bananas are the easiest type of fruit to grab a bite off. Just peel the skin and result is the healthy yet yummy fruit for you. Also, bananas are among the healthiest fruits, which contain 4g of protein in every 100g. You can mix bananas with almost anything be it milk, oats, cereals, salad, sandwich and more. People who have constipation problems, bananas are for you as well. Its skin is good for skin too. So, the next time you throw the skin of a banana think again.

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