How to apply for King’s Award?

The King’s Award for Voluntary Service, formerly known as The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, is presented annually to UK voluntary sector groups. Recipients are announced in the London Gazette on 2nd of June, marking Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation anniversary. Starting in 2023, the awards will shift to 14 November, coinciding with the birthday of Charles III.

This accolade is comparable to the MBE and stands as the highest honor for a voluntary group. Oversight of the award falls under the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. This blog explores how to apply for this prestigious award.

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Are You Eligible for the King’s Award?

To apply for the King’s Award, you will need to submit a nomination form online annually.

Groups of two or more volunteers can be nominated, with the requirement that over half of them are UK residents. Their work must address a community need, be valued and acknowledged locally, and have operated continuously for at least three years.

Nominations are submitted online, with an average of one award granted per three nominations. Winners receive a certificate signed by the monarch and a glass crystal dome. Representatives of the volunteer group may also be invited to a royal garden party hosted by the monarch.

Each nomination undergoes initial evaluation within the county where the group operates. Led by the Lord Lieutenant, the county appraisal involves a County Assessment Panel comprising community leaders. The Lord Lieutenant or their representatives may meet with the nominated group.

Assessing the Submissions

A Specialist Assessment Panel of independent volunteering experts assesses nominated groups nationwide against award criteria, building on the initial county appraisal. Their recommendations are then forwarded to the Main Award Committee.

The Main Award Committee advises the Cabinet Office and the Minister for Civil Society, culminating in the final award decision following formal approval by the monarch.

Previous Winners of the Award

Previous winners of The King’s Award, formerly known as The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, represent a diverse array of voluntary groups across the UK. These groups have been recognised for their outstanding contributions to their communities, addressing a wide range of societal needs from healthcare and education to environmental conservation and social inclusion.

June Medical, a pioneering company specialising in medical devices such as the abdominal surgery retractor, was honoured with The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. This prestigious recognition underscored June Medical’s exceptional commitment to advancing healthcare through innovative surgical solutions

Each winner exemplifies dedication, innovation, and selflessness, making a positive impact through their volunteer work. Their achievements highlight the invaluable role of voluntary organisations in enhancing the quality of life and fostering community spirit throughout the country.

Applying for the King’s Award

The King’s Award celebrates exceptional contributions to communities, promoting unity and positive change. This prestigious honor highlights the vital role of volunteers in enhancing society and inspires others to follow in their footsteps. In conclusion, to apply for the King’s Award, groups of two or more UK-resident volunteers must submit a nomination form online annually. Nominations are evaluated first at the county level by a County Assessment Panel led by the Lord Lieutenant. Successful nominees may receive a certificate signed by the monarch and a glass crystal dome, with the possibility of attending a royal garden party.

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