Diabetic? Understanding Bariatric Surgery To Manage Diabetes

Treating diabetes is a constant struggle for many people. Between dieting and keeping insulin cool, it takes a lot of discipline. Something that prevents a lot of people from managing their diabetes is their weight. It’s a vicious cycle that being obese makes diabetes more serious and at the same time the diabetes is making it difficult to manage weight. 

This is why many diabetics choose weight loss surgery to be able to regain control. However, there is a lot to know about it. Any surgery should be carefully considered before undergoing it. Weight loss surgery has risks and needs to be taken seriously. In this article, we will go over the basics about what getting weight loss surgery means to a diabetic


What happens after surgery?

One of the first things that happen after getting weight loss surgery is that your blood sugar improves. Then, the weight loss starts happening very quickly. Some people find that the weight loss goes so fast that they are able to immediately reduce their diabetes prescriptions.

At some point, when the weight loss is significant, many are able to stop taking their medication entirely. Those that are experiencing sleep apnea because of their obesity will also start seeing improvements in their sleep which reduce the risks of many other diseases stemming from it. 

The risk of heart attack or disease is greatly reduced and begins very quickly after the surgery.

Change of lifestyle

Getting bariatric surgery doesn’t mean that you can live like you had before and let the surgery do all of the work. It still takes a lot of discipline but surgery is like having a tool that makes sure the hard work has a positive effect. 

For instance, your eating habits will be drastically changed. It is going to take a special kind of diet and still resisting overeating to manage the effects of the surgery. Finding bariatric friendly restaurants will allow you to live a full life without feeling like you have to sacrifice too much. At the same time, making sure to stick with the diet recommended fulfilling the effects of the surgery is very important. 

For example, your diet will have to be low in calories while also being very balanced. It will involve cutting down on fats and carbs and increasing lean proteins. Fresh fruit and raw vegetables are not recommended as well as foods that are not easy to chew. Some meat is not going to digest well since it can’t be chewed enough to make it digestible. Ground meat is going to be better. 

Can you get bariatric surgery?

Unfortunately, not every diabetic patient is eligible for surgery. Those with a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or higher, or who have a related illness such as heart disease besides diabetes can have the surgery.

However, those over 450 pounds will need to go on a strict exercise and diet regimen beforehand to lose weight naturally before the surgery can be done. Also, smokers will have to quit at least six months before the surgery. If you need to consult surgical option, there are Bariatric surgery near me where you can consult and get suggestions.

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