Orexigenic and Anti-orexigenic peptides : Mnemonic

Orexigenic (Appetite stimulant) peptides Mnemonic: When you see MANGOEs, you feel like eating. MCH (Melanocyte Conentrating Hormone) AGRP (Agouti Related Peptide) NPY (Neuropeptide Y), Noradrenaline GnRH, GABA, Galanin, Ghrelin Orexins A and B Endorphins, Endocannabinoids Anti-orexigenic (Appetite supressant) peptides Mnemonic: NO BLACk PIGS Neurotensin Oxytocin, Oxyntomodulin Bombesin… Read More

Mechanoreceptors : Mnemonic

Adaptation of Mechanoreceptors Mnemonic: Life is fast for MPs (Member of Parliament) and slow for MRs. In alphabetical order, meIssner’s come becore meRkel. Hence, Meissner’s corpuscle are the quicker among two. 1. Fast adapting receptors: MP Meissner’s corpuscle Pacinian corpuscle 2. Slowly adapting receptors: MR Merkel… Read More