Rosettes in Pathology

Rosette refers to a decoration or pattern resembling a rose. In pathology, rosette refers to aa halo or “spoke-wheel” arrangement of cells around a central structure especially in neoplasms of neuroblastic or neuroectoderma origin. The central structure can be: a. Empty lumen: True ependymal rosette Well… Read More

Opioid Receptors Mnemonic

Opioid receptors are a group of inhibitory G protein-coupled receptors with opioids as ligands. Mu (µ) Receptor (MOP) Mnemonic: MU CARDS Miosis eUphoria Constipation Analgesia (Supraspinal + Spinal) Respiratory depression Rigidity (truncal) Dependency Sedation µ1 mediates supraspinal analgesia, and most of other effects including spinal… Read More