Mechanoreceptors : Mnemonic

Adaptation of Mechanoreceptors Mnemonic: Life is fast for MPs (Member of Parliament) and slow for MRs. In alphabetical order, meIssner’s come becore meRkel. Hence, Meissner’s corpuscle are the quicker among two. 1. Fast adapting receptors: MP Meissner’s corpuscle Pacinian corpuscle 2. Slowly adapting receptors: MR Merkel… Read More


Synonyms: Spoon-shaped nails, Concave nails Definition of koilonychia: Loss of longitudinal and lateral convexity of the nail, with thinning and fraying of the distal portions. Conditions associated with koilonychia: Normal variant Soft nails with occupational damage Iron deficiency anemia Hemochromatosis Raynaud’s syndrome Psoriasis (Koilonychia with subungual… Read More


Synonyms Tache noire Definition of Eschar An eschar is a local skin lesions coated by a thick coagulated crust or slough that usually results from burn or infection. Causes of Eschar Tick bite fever Scrub typhus Anthrax Tularaemia Spider bites Disseminated fungal infection Post-burn Diagnostic… Read More