Sometimes I think too much… (Anxiety Poem)


Caught up in a strange trap laid by my mind

A loop of thoughts in play and rewind

I look here and there with no way to find

Get up to window and leave the bed behind

There outside…. the day is clear and warm

My mind is but, fogged by a thought swarm

Thinking over and again until my heart is a bomb

Tics and tocs until the feelings are numb

The castles in air, they rise and fall

Down the memory lane, back and forth I stroll

I make a mountain out of a molehill

And climb on it, till breathless I feel

And I get back to my bed, under the blanket

Lying helplessly…. exhaling deep breathes

I know, these tomorrows may not come

And those yesterdays, were all long gone

Am I waging a war against time?

Trying to become a god of mine?

Thinking over and again doesn’t change a thing

Must make a move or accept what fate brings

So fare my way to the neverland, oh sleep fairy

Over the clouds, this head tired and weary

Anesthesize me into an amnesia of tomorrow

A transient death from my virtual sorrow

And deafen me to the murmurs of my chest

The pounding heart pleads for a rest……

Submitted by: Sulabh Shrestha

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