A Lady with Insignia and the Lamp

nurse peacekeeper

She wakes up again, another sunrise in the skies
Seven seas away from home, where her heart lies.

Dressed in blue with black boots and a blue beret
White coat, holster belt and an arm crossed with red.

A lady with the lamp, in service of peace and diseased
Veiling all that a daughter, a wife and a mother needs.

However heavy her heart, dusty lips wear a smile
And with a gentle caress, all their pains beguiled.

Then sun sets, she sleeps holding his picture on her chest
And reaches home again with ease, no seas to navigate.

This 10 lined poem was written as a contribution to a competition titled “Think fairly and Let yoursef express” organized by the MINUJUSTH Women’s network for the occassion of International women’s day to promote and highlight the contributions of women to peacekeeping missions. This is about nurses working in the peacekeeping missions.

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