Surgical Anatomy of Stomach

GASTROESOPHAGEAL JUNCTION (CARDIA) It is the junction between esophagus and cardia of stomach Histologically: Mucosal transition from squamous to columnar epithelium Functionally: High pressure zone (Lower esophageal sphincter or LES) –¬†Normally, LES is intraperitoneal, >2 cm long, and has a resting pressure >6 mmHg; not… Read More

Muscles of forearm : Quick review

A) Superficial flexors: Common flexor origin: Medial epicondyle Nerve supply: Median nerve except Flexor carpi ulnaris which is also supplied by ulnar nerve Muscle Insertion Function Nerve Supply Pronator teres Mid-lateral radius Flex forearm Median¬† nerve Flexor carpi raialis 2nd and 3rd metacarpal bones Flex… Read More